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Looking for a unique gift idea?

Winedentity is offering an amazing opportunity to purchase unique gift sets. Each set will feature 12 fabulous bottles of wine with 12 different labels. From fun and flirty to holiday classics, this gift just keeps on giving! It's like 12 gifts in one!

1)  Seduction Series - 12 bottles with unique and sensuous labels!

2)  Monthly Moments - 12 bottles with gorgeous labels commemorating each month!

3)  So This Is Why We Drink - 12 bottles with humorous labels depicting odd holidays!

4)  In Your Own Words - 12 bottles with unusual and fun areas to write your own message!

We're designing more sets! Check back monthly for new offerings! Photos coming soon!

These fun gift sets are available with our Chardonnay and Red Blend wines. $170/case

The perfect gift for the person who has everything!